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Physics Poster Contest Announcement


We are looking for the best physics poster you can make! Just hand draw your poster design and submit it in time for judging and you could win a prize for the best physics poster.

Entries must be on poster-sized paper and be related to the subject of physics.

The winning poster will be the one that is judged to be the most interesting, instructive, and attractive.


Possible subjects include physics laws with appropriate definitions, graphics, formulas and cartoons. It's up to you which ones you pick from the incredible world of physics.

Individual efforts only. Entrants must complete the posters by themselves.

All writings and drawings must be hand-made.

The participants will receive bonus marks from their respective Physics teachers.

Posters should be submitted to respective physics teachers.

To see some sample poster designs, please visit

Deadline: 4 March 2011

Good luck to all!


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