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Mousetrap Car Race Announcement


We are pleased to announce the Mousetrap Car Race. The race is one of the highlights of the High School Campus and it brings talented, creative minds together. In order to join the race, please follow the rules below.


Rules of the Race
• Build a car that will move when a mouse trap is sprung.
(the trap must be part of the car and move with the car)
• The only stored energy allowed on the vehicle must be the mousetrap spring.
• A car may contain one mousetrap only.
• The cars do not have to have 4 wheels but all cars must have at least 1 wheel.
• The distance recorded will be measured perpendicular to the starting line.
• The fastest car will be determined by measuring the time over a distance of first5 meters.
• A team may contain two students only.
• Teams must submit their car 1/2 hour before the race for inspection.
• All participants will receive a certificate.
• The three winning places will be identified and they will receive surprise presents.
• The participants will receive bonus marks from their respective Physics teachers.

Judging and Scoring
• The winner of the race will be the team with the highest number of points.
• For every meter traveled, 10 points will be awarded.
• Fastest car will be awarded 100 points.
• Best design car will be awarded 100 points.

Venue: Canteen

Date : Saturday, 25 December 2010

The girls' section will compete in the morning at 9.00 am.
The boys' section will compete in the afternoon at 13.00 pm.

For further information, contact your respective Physics teachers.
To learn how to build a mousetrap car, please visit

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