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Egg Drop Competiton


We are pleased to announce the Egg Drop Competition.
This is a fun activity of Physics Department to bring talented, creative minds together.

The Egg Drop Competition serves to familiarize students with the basic principles of gravity, air resistance and its effects. Students are challenged to drop an egg from the top of the school building using a arachute to protect the egg from breaking it. The egg should land as close as possible to the target on the floor to win the contest.

In order to join the competition, please follow the rules below.

Rules of the Competition

Egg Drop Competition

Egg Drop Competition

• Teams need to bring fresh eggs.
• The only air resistance allowed on the egg is the parachute.
• Cage, box or any support is not allowed.
• Fresh chicken egg must be used. It cannot be cooked. Every egg that does not break in the fall will be checked to see if it is uncooked.

Egg Drop Competition

Egg Drop Competition
• The egg cannot be coated with any type of material such as chemical, rubber latex, cement, etc.
• Every team or every individual participant has only one attempt to drop an egg.
• A team may contain a maximum of four students.
• If there is a tie among the top 3 places, a repeatability contest will begin. All of the entrants that tied will continue to drop the eggs until the top 3 places are determined.
• The three winning places will be identified and they will receive mystery prizes.
• A mystery prize will also be awarded for the best design among the parachutes.
• The participants will receive bonus marks from their respective Physics teachers.
• All participants will receive a certificate.

Video Clip Challenge

After the competition each team are challenged to edit the video into the coolest video clip.
• Teams need to have their own camcorders to record the eggs land. Parents may help for recording.
• A mystery prize will be awarded for the best video clip.

Venue: Front Garden

Date: Saturday, 29 March 2014

The boys' section will compete in the morning at 9.30.
The girls' section will compete in the afternoon at 13.00.

For further information, contact your respective Physics teacher.
To see a sample video of egg drop, please visit

How to make a parachute for Egg Drop Competition

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